Workshop for beginners and intermediate wooden model ship makers

Ecomuseu Municipal do Seixal (from Mars till June of 2009)

Workshop on building plank-on-frame ship models.

The activities will take place between Mars and June 2009 in the workshop of the Núcleo Naval do Ecomuseu Municipal do Seixal in Arrentela, Portugal and will have a theoretical section about model ships and wooden ship construction and a practical part where each participant will build a 1/25 scale model of a Portuguese traditional ship from the Tagus river: The Canoa da Picada.
The Canoa da Picada was a famous sailing boat with excellent nautical qualities. She was used to transport the fish (sardine and white fish salted on board) that was caught offshore the mouth of the Tagus river by bigger fishing boats. In the beginning of the XXth century, several Canoas da Picada were transformed or built specifically to participate in sailing races.

Since 1982, the Ecomuseu Municipal do Seixal is a permanent entity of the organic structure of the Seixal council. It has got five buildings with two extensions and maintains three traditional sailing boats. Its mission is to investigate, preserve, produce written material, interpret, value and make known the human and the environment’s legacy of the local territory and population, in order to keep alive and pass on the local memories and to keep a sustainable development. (Translated and adapted from the Mission of the Ecomuseu Municipal do Seixal)

In this site you will find all the information about the construction of six Canoas da Picada’s models .

1. Workshop of the Núcleo Naval do Ecomuseu Municipal do Seixal
2. The draughts and the internal structure
3. External planking
4. Deck planking
5. Fittings
6. Masting
7 Rigging
8. Finishing
9. Photographic dossier
10. Workshop’s programme
11. The Canoa da Picada – information and documentation

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